COVID-19 and IRHA/NRHA European Futurity

21/10/2020 – Both the Italian Futurity and NRHA European Futurity are scheduled for November 22 up to and including November 28 in the exhibition center of Cremona (ITA). This will, as long as it stays scheduled, be the last big reining event this year on European soil.
On October 13 Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte has issued a new decree in order to fight COVID-19. The decree incorporates travel rules from or to Italy. Residents of the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Czech Republic, Spain, Great Britain and Northern Ireland traveling to Italy (or people that visited one of these countries on transit to Italy) are obliged to:
– fill in a self-declaration to justify their entry and stay in Italy. This self-declaration has to be shown upon request at any time. You can download the self-declaration from here.
– present a statement that they have undergone a molecular or antigenic test carried out by means of a swab and a negative result within 72 hours before entering the Italian territory.
In addition to the measures taken, a curfew is being effective in certain provinces among which Lombardy. The region Cremona, of which the city Cremona is the capital, is situated in Lombardy.
The measures are in effect until November 13. After that date the measure can be either tightened up or broadened, depending on the COVID-19 situation in the country. Time will tell whether the measures will affect the Futurities.

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