Date Italian Futurity moved forwards

07/03/2019 – Unfortunately NRHA USA has always the last word. NRHA USA exists thanks to her sponsors, affiliates and members, but the executives often do not take that fact into account. Previous it was announced that NRHA rescheduled the date of the 2019 NRHA Futurity, simultaneous with the Italian Futurity, a very important and one of the largest NRHA approved events in Europe with many corporate sponsors. Not a smart move. NRHA Italy had already fixed the date. NRHA Italy is not pulling the shortest string though, on the contrary. In the interest of the sport NRHA Italy made the decision to move the date of the NRHA Italy Futurity forward to November 22 up and including November 30. This decision deserves respect. To stand firm and making no concessions would have been a possibility as well. Maybe something to think about in the future.

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