Deary wins NRBC L4 Open- , Van Dorp L3 Intermediate Open Classic

06/09/2020 -The Open NRBC Classic finals have been concluded yesterday in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Though Dutch Ruben van Dorp and his own 5-year-old Spooks Gotta Crush [Spooks Gotta Whiz] performed fantastic, Casey Deary may call himself the big winner of the game. Being the very last entry, Deary and the 4-year-old Americasnexttopgun [Walla Walla Whiz] owned by Jody Puno marked a 226,5, claiming the L4 Open Classic title. The L4 score to beat at that moment was a 224,5, posted by both Deary with the 5-year-old Americas Supermodel [Walla Walla Whiz] owned by Whitmarsh Arcese Partnership and Jason Vanlandingham with the 5-year-old A Vintage Smoke [A Sparkling Vintage] owned by Diane Mesmer, both finally tying for 2nd place.
Van Dorp was the last entry in the L3 division. The top score to beat at that moment was a 222,0 marked by Kole Price and the 5-year-old Gunna Stop [Gunnatrashya] owned by Amber Gokey. Van Dorp performed great and his effort was rewarded with a 224,0 and the L3 Intermediate Open Classic Champion title. Reserve honors were for Price. In the L4 division Van Dorp finally tied for 4th place together with Andrea Fappani and the 6-year-old Gun Dun It [Colonels Smoking Gun] owned by Tim Anderson.
Posting a 220,5 both the L2 Limited Open- and L1 Open title were for Dalton Vanlandingham and the 4-year-old Ruff Little Whiz [Not Ruf At All] owned by Jason Vanlandingham. Posting a 220,0, L2 reserve honors were for Austin Lee Roush and the 4-year-old Nite Rider [Gunners Special Nite] owned by Robert Sutherland and posting a 219,5, L1 reserve honors for Brazilian Rodrigo Nieves and the 4-year-old Hesa Rockin Whiz [Topsail Whiz] owned by Roxanne Koepsel.
The Prime Time Classic title went to Ann Salmon and her own 6-year-old Ruf Lil Joe [Lil Joe Cash], marking a 221,5. Shawn Flarida and Canadian Duane Lattimer tied for 2nd place both marking a 220,5. Flarida aboard the 7-year-old Spooks Gotta Spark [Spooks Gotta Whiz] owned by Bill & Patty Fingland; Lattimer with the 5-year-old Alittlewhitetrash [Gunnatrashya] owned by XCS Ranch LLC between the reins. 

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