Diamond League Western 2019 rescheduled

19/05/2019 – The organizers of Diamond League Western 2019 have rescheduled the program of the event. From an organizational point of view the duration of the event, featuring a double judged APHA show, a double judged WRAN show, the Dutch Championship for American Appaloosas, WPR reining and the finals of the DLW Saddle & Buckle Series 2018-2019, has been reduced to 3 days, starting at May 31 up to and including June 2 at Manege Het Keelven in Someren (NLD). Because it was found that many riders had unintentionally ignored the entry deadline, the entry deadline has been postponed in order to give these riders the opportunity to still enter.
Visit www.dlwestern.nl to view the modified program and entry forms.

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