Dutch Championship Quarter Horses about to happen

04/10/2020 – The NQHA/AQHA Dutch Championship for Quarter Horses is scheduled at Reining Center Meertenhof in Grathem (NLD) for next weekend, from 9 up to and including October 11. The Dutch Quarter Horse Association (NQHA), organizer of the Dutch Championship, can be proud to register over 650 entries. Since the installation of Lillian Coppens as president of the Board 2 years ago, the NQHA has made big steps forwards, so witness the enthusiasm for- and the countless positive reactions on participation at NQHAA/AQHA events on social media.
Due to the measurements taken to avoid further spread of COVID-19 public will not be allowed at the event. Despite of that, there is good news for the participants as well. Ed’s Saloon, established at Reining Center Meertenhof, is not considered a canteen, but a full-fledged and well regarded catering facility and will therefore be open and serving. Without any doubt it will be a great championship.
Visit www.nqha.nl for additional information.

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