Elementa Masters Première tops the season

31/10/2019 – The number of entries at the Elementa Masters Première, scheduled for November 5 up to and including November 10 in conjunction with Fiere Cavalli Verona (ITA), is impressive and outweighs the number of entries at Equita Lyon. The $ 40.000 added Elementa Non Pro class counts 77 entries, the $ 20.000 added Intermediate Non Pro 64 and the $ 500 added Limited Non Pro 49. Dutch Suzanne Scharroo and Walla Whiz N Tari BB, Belgian Dries Verschueren and Smart N Sparking, Belgian Steve Vannietvelt and What A Wave, Belgian Piet Mestdagh and Reining Whiz, Dutch Margot van Doorne and Dances With Spooks and Mr Ricochet and Dutch Aniek Hagelaars and Maq Sugar Walla Whiz en Itsa Walla Walla enter the Non Pro class. Vannietvelt and Mestdagh also enter the Intermediate Non Pro and van Doorne and Hagelaars both the Intermediate- and Limited Non Pro.
The $ 101.000 added Open class counts 61 entries, the $ 40.000 added Intermediate Open 55 and the $ 500 added Limited Open 42. De European top is present, including Belgian Ann and Bernard Fonck and Cira Baeck. Ann enters Gunners Specialolena, Spook N Perla and Made In Walla in the Open, Bernard QT Red N Run and Shiners Voodoo and Cira Phantom Face. Belgian Nimroid Vannietvelt enters Gunnerlicious, Steppin Stud Muffin and Nic Ricochet in both the Intermediate- and  Limited Open and Roy van der Hoeven enters This Dun Is Spaton in de Intermediate Open.

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