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03/07/2019 – The FEI World Championship Reining for Juniors and Young Riders and FEI European Championship for Senior Riders is scheduled for July 9-13 at the CS Ranch in Givrins (SUI). 15 Nations are participating at either the World- or European Championship or both with either a team or individual. The participating nations and entries are listed below.

European Championship Senior Riders
☺France: Charlene Aubreton with A Reminic Star, Quentin Galliere with Margarita Whiz, Adeline Caron with Rugg Gun and François Guyot with Sofysurprise.
☺Germany: Alexander Ripper with Bay Gunner, Oliver Stein with Brand New Trash, Grisha Ludwig with Coeurs Little Tike, Gina Maria Schumacher with Shine N Whiz and Markus Süchting with Spotlight Charly.
☺Italy: Davide Brighenti with Custom Genetics, Fabio Alfonsetti with Great Magnetic, Pierluigi Chioldo with Houses Of The Holy, Luca Dosetto with RS Nebbiolo Blue, Enrico Sciulli with Snips Gotta Bud and Lorenzo de Simone with The Cocked Gun.
☺Switzerland: Adrienne Speidel with ARC Walla Smart, Sabine Schmid with Gotta Make It Baby, Annika Riggenbach with Great Little Gunner, Martina Wolf with Gunners Topchic and Daniel Schmutz with SLJ Smart Doc.
☺Great Britain: Francesca Sternberg with Whiz Genuinefootwork.
☺Belgium: Cira Baeck with Gunstep.

World Championship Juniors
☺France: Manon Fontaine with BHB Mr Wimpys Royal, Lou Covarel with Horizons Big Step and Henry Jayson with Little Rooster Spark.
☺Germany: Georgina Wilk with A Lunar Revolution, Tell Tobler with Coeur Lee Boom MM, Celine Beisel with Gunner Be Good, Joline Kamphuis with JB Just A Magic Deak, Leann Stein with Litn Up Conquistador and Lenya Lamberg with SH Topsail Badger.
☺Italy: Rebecca Folcia with Little Hancock, Lisa Werdaner with Majestic Okie, Filippo Milani with Midnite Master, Martina Baldelli with MRH Diamond In Doc, Giada Longo with Peseta Too Jac and Matteo Capello with RS Moon Feo Jac.
☺Switzerland: Nanina Staub with Chant For Chics, Flurin Staub with Don With Chrome, Sophia Staub with Gunslinger Lil Step and Justin Häberlin en Wimpys Cody Step.
☺United States of America: Rafeanna Theyn with Coded N Karma. Sarah Armenta with Gun Smoke Denis, Emma Klane with Gunner Gump and Madison Gustin with Guns R Spooky.
☺Spain: Gabriel Cueto Salillas with Little Commando, Isaac Pinacho with RS Pelaverga Feo Jac and Andreu Nogue Puig with Topsail Tinseltown.
☺Czech Republic: Nicola Kanova with Charlie Rooster Lynx and Thea Karasova with Jimmy Stormy Runner.
☺Netherlands: Thalita Cosijnse with Big Gun To Trash.
☺Sweden: Isabeau Keiser with Gumps Hummer BB.
☺Austria: Celina Bachleiner with Paintball Gun.
☺Finland: Elena Wijorimaa with Haidachino Hollywood.
☺Hungary: Kitty Veronika Horvath with SA Sweet Dreams.
☺Luxemburg: Quentin Zwally with Smart Benito King.
☺Switzerland: Thomas Heim with Black Badger RST.

World Championshup Young Riders:
☺Belgium: Amber Heidbuchel with Spangled Heidi, Gilles Huyghe with Exxcaliber, Bert Coeckelberghs with Gunnerlicious, Nimroid Vannietvelt with What A Wave and Zoé Vercammen with Lil Ruf Revolution.
☺Netherlands: Fabienne Cosijnse with Figlio Di Arc Be Each Topsail, Deley van Aalderen with Justbhgreateinstein, Sam Zweegers with Skip N Wimp and Yessie van der Zwan with Walla Whiz N Tari BB.
☺France: Estelle Sole with RS Bloody Mary Spat, Axel Pesek with Uncle Sparky and Margaux Legrand with Wound Up Whiz.
☺Italy: Simone Ceruti with ARC Roper Boy Cody, Brian Davi with CN Star Mysterious, Matteo Bonzano with High Point Reiner, Gabriele Landi with Hot Tough Chex, Pierfrancesco Moroni with Rooster For Money and Vittorio de Iulio with RS Phantom Olena.
☺Germany: John Wisser with CP Chilys Trouble, Maria Arlt with Cutting Whizpride, Franziska Engel with KD Whizoffthefuture, Michelle Maibaum with Star Sailor Whiz, Merrit Neben with Tin Whizin and Johannes Heil with Whizper Lil Gump BB.
☺Great Britain: Louise Taverner with Chex N Flashy, Tabitha Sternberg with FS Gunner Got Lucky and George Sternberg Allen with Barbaresco Blue.
☺Canada: Delaney Michelson with A Chic In Hollywood, Alexandra Leigh Hiberd with Juice Lili Whiz and Chalyce Heat with Whiz For Ever.
☺United States of America: Dani Latimer with Could You Be Loved, Cade McCutcheon with Smart Little Dunnit and Jacob Zimmerman with Wimpys Dolled Up.
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