First Aid with horses: a ‘must’ for every horse owner

10/12/2019 – Doing the right thing at the right moment can be crucial for the well being of a horse. To act accurate the right knowledge is required though. In cooperation with veterinary clinic Rijnoever, GoldenWay Stables (GWS) situated at the Kruisweg in Woubrugge (NED) organizes a course ‘First Aid Horses’. The course is scheduled for December 16 and/or December 19, depending on the number of applicants. Covered are, among others, how to act in case of a colic, wounds and lameness. The course starts with a theory part followed by application of the theory in practice. The course starts at 19:00 hours until approximately 22:00 hours. The costs for participation are € 35,00. Members of the WRAN and RV GWS get a discount. One can apply visiting the GWS facebook page or by calling +31 (0) 650 591 305.

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