Francesca Sternberg in NRBC L4, L3 and PT finals

02/09/2020 – The preliminaries of the NRBC (National Reining Breeders Classic) Non Pro Classic have been concluded yesterday in Tulsa (USA). Being the only European entry, British Francesca Sternberg did a fantastic job qualifying with 2 horses for the finals.
With the 4-year-old stallion Red Dirt Paleface [Pale Face Dunnit] Sternberg marked a 216,5, placing 16th in L4, 7th in L3 and 3rd in the Prime Time division with a 218,0.
With the 7-year-old mare Spooks Gotta Lena [Spooks Gotta Whiz] Sternberg marked a 214,5, placing 19th in L3 and 12th in the Prime Time division with a 216,0.
The top score 222,0 in L4 was posted by Indy Roper and the 7-year-old stallion Spooks Show Time [Spooks Gotta Whiz]; the top score 220,5 in L3 by Tish Fappani and the 7-year-old stallion Spooks N Jewels [Smart Spook]; and the top score 221,5 in the Prime Time division by Michael Garnett and the 5-year-old stallion Sassy Son Ofa Gun [Gunner].
The finals of both L4 and L3 will feature 34 entries, the final of the Prime Time division 21 entries. The finals are scheduled for Friday September 4.
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Photo: Francesca Sternberg and Red Dirt Paleface, courtesy to Francesca Sternberg. GB

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