Global Youth Reining Cup: Spain and Italy 1st, Belgium 3rd

27/05/2019 – The inaugural NRHA/IRHA/RHF Global Youth Reining Cup was scheduled during the IRHA Derby in Cremona (IT). Youth riders from 19 nations participated. Two years ago, Spanish riders were hard to find, but that has been changing over the past years. Young Spanish Andreu Nogue Puig and A Whiz N Cash [Custom Cash Advance] posted a 216,5, tying for 1st place together with Italian Matteo Bonzano and High Point Reiner [Sailin Ruf]. Step 3 on the stage was for Belgium: Nimroid Vannietvelt and Exxcaliber [Mr Snapper] posted a 213,5. Dutch Erin Danni Wielsma and My Good Gun [Gunner, owner SRL Soc Agricola Canove] posted a 197,0 tying for 12th place.
Concurrent with the Global Youth Reining Cup an Invitational Global Cup was scheduled for riders from outside the European Union. Posting a 212,5 American Grace Wilson and Jokin Whiz [Who Whiz It, owner Markus Schopfer] claimed the title. Reserve honors were for Canadian Jennifer Neudorf and Harry Gotta Wziz [Spooks Gotta Whiz, owner Quarter Dream SRL] posting a 211,0. Posting a 206,5  Jan Lukas Wiens Eitzen and Highclass Master [Master Snapper, owner Arianna Aspersi] placed 3rd.

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Photo: Andreu Nogue Puig and A Whiz N Cash. Photo: Andrea Bonaga, ITA

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