GoldenWay Stables forced to closure

23/06/2020 – The company is an authority in both the dressage- and western community: GoldenWay Stables in Woubrugge. A friendly and welcoming environment, equipped with all the modern facilities to accommodate both rider and horse. Always innovative and facilitating thanks to the dedication enthusiasm of the Puts family. At the start of this year it was indicated that the venue had to be removed, but investors were found en the future looked bright again.
Unfortunately sometimes not everything in the garden is rosy.
The Puts family and with them their trademark GoldenWay Stables are eventually forced to close the business as of July 1, 2020. A big loss for the Westernsport in the Netherlands.
De Quarter and WRS Nieuws would like to take this opportunity to thank the Puts family and GoldenWay Stables for their unbridled dedication and hard work, their hospitality during the past years and the door that has been always open for us.

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