Jimmy, Ruben and Gina enter NRHA Derby

04/06/2019 – The NRHA Derby for 4-, 5- and 6-years-old is scheduled for June 17-23 in Oklahoma City. Dutch Jimmy van der Hoeven enters the 6-year-old Guaranteed A Magnum [Magnum With A Dream] owned by Chad & Molly Cherry in de $ 205.000 added L4 Open Derby. In 2018 this combination won the L4 Open Derby. There are 165 entries in total. Dutch Ruben van Dorp enters the 5-year-old Holly Trashya [Gunnatrashya] owned by Bearden Equine Investment in the $ 15.000 added Novice Horse Derby. The preliminaries for the Open Derby are scheduled for June 19 and 20, the finals for June 22. The Novice Horse Derby has only one go scheduled concurrent with the preliminaries of the Open Derby. There are 58 entries in total.
German Gina Maria Schumacher enters 3 horses in the $ 72.500 added L4 Non Pro Derby: the 4-year-old Alittlewhitetrash [Gunnatrashya], the 4-year-old Oh Starry Nite [Gunners Special Nite] and the 6-year-old Xtra Step N Diamonds [Wimpys Little Step]. The preliminaries are scheduled for June 17 and 18, the finals for June 21. There are 127 entries in total.
Visit www.nrhaderby.com to view the complete entry list.

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