McCutcheon and Schmersal co-Champions Million Dollar Invitational

18/08/2019 – The roof went of for the Run For A Million Invitational concluded yesterday night in Las Vegas. $ 1 Million was at stake. Upon invitation 12 riders performed at their best. The competition was decided in a co-Championship between wild card holder Cade McCutcheon and NRHA 4 Million Dollar Rider Craig Schmersal, both posting a 229,5. McCutcheon on board of the 8-year-old stallion Custom Made Gun [Colonels Smoking Gun] owned by Italian Maria Cecilia Fiorucci from Rome; Schmersal with the 6-year-old stallion No Smoking Required [Colonels Smoking Gun] owned by Wranglen Partnership from Scottsdale between the reins. Andrea Fappani and the 9-year-old stallion  Platinum Vintage [A Sparklin Vintage] owned by Silver Spurs Equine LLC from Scottsdale placed 3rd posting a 229,0.
When there is a tie for 1st place the earnings for the 1st and 2nd place are added together and then divided by two to determine the final earnings. McCutcheon and Schmersal may both add $ 307.500 to their accounts. These earnings do not count towards NRHA records from riders and horses.

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