Non Pro finalists NRHA Germany Breeders Derby

22/09/2020 – The preliminaries of the NRHA Germany Non Pro Breeders Derby for 5-8-years-old have been concluded yesterday in the Ostbayernhalle in Rieden-Kreuth (GER). Of the Dutch entries Suzanne Scharroo qualified both of her entries for the L3- and L4 finals. With both Topsail Wimp BB [Wimpys Little Step] and Shortyslittlestep BB Scharroo marked a 214,5 placing 6th in the L3- and 7th in the L4 rankings. The top score for both Levels, as well as for L2 and L1, was a 217,0 posted by Nikolai Stiller (GER) and Hollywood Gunrunner [Gunner]. Amber Heidbuchel (BEL) and Gunners Nite Slider [Gunners Special Nite] did a good job as well. Posting a 214,0 the pair qualified for all four finals. Catharine Smetsers (BEL) and Wimpy Special Gun [One Gun] posted a 210,0 qualifying for the L2- and L1 finals and Paulus Beurskens (NLD) and Customized Whiz [Cromed Out Mercedes] posted a 208,5 qualifying for the L1 final. The finals are scheduled for Friday September 25.
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