NRHA European Summit 2019

01/02/2019  The 2019 NRHA European Summit was scheduled for January 14 and 15 in Madrid (ESP). Among others NRHA represented numerical statistics of the European affiliates regarding the year 2018. Relative to 2017:
☺ Has the number of European memberships increased with 315, totaling 4005. With 918 NRHA members Italy is in the lead, followed by Germany with 796 NRHA members. With 270 NRHA members the Netherlands places 5th and with 241 NRHA member Belgium places 7th.
☺ Has the number of issued competition licenses increases with 52; in total 1925 new licences have been issued. Again is Italy with 862 new licenses in the lead, followed by Germany with 292 new licenses. With 210 new licenses Belgium places 3rd and with 91 new licenses the Netherlands places 6th.
☺ Has the number of NRHA approved shows decreased with 7, totaling 114. Again Italy in the lead with 14 shows, followed by Germany, France and Great Britain with 13. Belgium places 8th with 6 shows and the Netherlands, together with Denmark, 9th with 5 shows.
☺ Has the amount of added money increased with $ 512.097,32; totaling $ 2.419.373,32. Italy with $ 1.215.242,52 again in the lead, followed by Germany with $ 470.533,78. With $ 101.289,00 Belgium places 5th and with $ 27.100,00 the Netherlands 9th.
☺ Has the number of show entries (unique horse/rider combination) increased with 133, totaling 4442. And Again Italy is in the lead with 919 entries, followed by Germany with 862. Belgium places 5th with 351 and the Netherlands 6 with 310. 
☺ Has the number of entries for the European Futurity increased with 28, totaling 308, and the number of entries for the European Futurity Show decreased with 46, totaling 102.
☺ Has the number of entries for the NRHA European Derby increased with 136, totaling 388, and the number of entries for de European Derby Show increased with 112, totaling 239.
Just some figures. The minutes of the meeting have not been released yet.

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