NRHA globalizes youth involvement

12/03/2019 – The NRHA expands her youth program to Europe. The first step will be launching an inaugural youth council in Europe. During the 2017 NRHA European Summit NRHA installed the European youth commission specially assigned to act in the interest of youth riders. Current members of this group are Francesca Sternberg (GBR, chair), Gisela Haas (NLD), Agnes Csolle (HUN), Jane Muir (GBR), Borys Pardus (POL) and Manon Giraud (FRA). Now, in 2019, a European youth council will be installed. The individuals who will serve on the 2019 NRHA European youth council include George Sternberg Allen (GBR, president), Nimroid Vannietvelt (BEL, vice president), Lisa Werdaner (ITA, treasurer), Pia Boonstoppel (NLD, secretary), Nanina Staub (SUI, historian) and Erin Danni Wielsma (NLD, additional historian). The youth council will host its first face-to-face meeting during the NRHA European Futurity scheduled for March 30 up to and including April 6 in Cremona (ITA).

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