NRHA sticks to decision Million Dollar Invitational

10/05/2019 – The protests of NRHA members against the NRHA decision to have the winnings of the Million Dollar Invitational count for lifetime earnings are explosively increasing worldwide, but apparently NRHA turns a deaf ear. On May 8 NRHA published a declaration on stating the following:
“NRHA Reining fans and participants around the world are aware of the Run for a Million Invitational, its magnitude, and the unique platform it brings to reining. The National Reining Horse Association Board of Directors understands and appreciates the opinions of all members and how they feel lifetime earnings should be recorded. The board of directors and executive committee took part in many discussions with members, and, as a decision-making body, fulfilled its responsibility to make a decision with the best interests of the organization in mind. The event is still approved as a Category 11 show and the winnings count for lifetime earnings. Again, the NRHA Board of Directors keeps members’ opinions top-of-mind in all its deliberations. In this instance, and many others, the board went through an exhaustive process to properly deliberate before making decisions.”
A declaration revealing little understanding and appreciation for the opinion of the members.

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