Petra van Ede copes with NRHA Million Dollar Riders

27/09/2019 – The NRHA Belgium Futurity & Futurity Show is at full swing in the Azelhof in Lier (BEL) featuring quite some international participants. One of the most interesting classes concluded so far is the Novice Horse Open class counting 46 entries. The Top 6 is quite remarkable. Dutch Petra van Ede held her ground very well in between NRHA Million Dollar Riders Bernard and Ann Fonck. Posting a 146,5 with Cee U In Tinseltown [Hollywoodstinseltown] owned by Gisela Haas (NLD) she claimed the title. Second and third place were for Bernard Fonck posting a 146,0 with QT Red N Run [Dun It On The QT] owned by Jan Tobias Kock (GER) and a 145,5 with GP A Spook In Town [Hollywoodstinseltown] owned by Golden Paint Ranch (BEL). Ann Fonck and Smart Ruffle [Smart Spook] owned by Schlager & Nestelberger Partnership (GER) placed fourth posting a 144,5. Tying for fifth place was Van Ede again, posting a 145,0 with both Smart Kizzin Gun [Colonels Shining Gun] owned by Leonoor de Bruin (NLD) and The Stig [Von Reminic] owned by Joke Overbeek (NLD).
From today onwards the Futurity class are scheduled starting with the Open Futurity for 3-year-old horses.

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Photo: Petra van Ede and Cee U In Tinseltown. Photo: Troullioud Fotografie, NLD

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