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10/02/2019 – Equitana 2019 is scheduled for March 9-17 in the exhibition center of Essen (GER). Equitana offers several theme days. The Western Day is scheduled for Thursday March 15 featuring among others the Böckman Reining Cup and NCHA Bonda Ranch Cutting Cup. Reining starts at 12:30 hours and Cutting at 15:30 hours. 
To enter the Böckman Reining Cup the following participants have been invited: Verena Klein, Emanuel Ernst, Stephan Rohde, Alexander Ripper. Niklas Ludwig, Nina Weber, Lars Nebel, Lars Süchting and Markus Süchting.
To enter the NCHA Bonda Ranch Cutting Cup the following participants have been invited: Rob Gerrits, Ute Holm, Malte Döring, Sven Oser, Uwe Oser, Sasha Schwind, Sandra Niedostatek, Monique Jablonski, Sandra Henkel, and Willi Klumpp.
Thursday night there will be an exclusive evening show with Monty Roberts live. Visit to view the full program and to order your tickets.

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