Small minus Million Dollar Invitational

16/04/2019 – One of the classes at the NRHA approved Run For A Million competition scheduled for August 15-17 in the South Point Arena and Equestrian Center in Las Vegas is the Million Dollar Invitational. 9  NRHA $ 1 Million Dollar riders have been invited to participate and 3 riders have received a wild card. The participants are:
☺ Shawn Flarida
☺ Andrea Fappani
☺ Tom McCutcheon
☺ Casey Deary
☺ Jordan Larson
☺ Franco Bertolini
☺ Jason Vanlandingham
☺ Duane Latimer
☺ Abby Lengel(wild card)
☺ Cade McCutcheon(wild card)
☺ Matt Mills(wild card)
The winner of the Million Dollar Invitational receives $ 500.000. A small minus to this competition is that this money count towards the NRHA lifetime earnings. Given the fact that participation is reserved for only a select group of riders, this decision does not please many a competitor.
The top-five placings of the Million Dollar Invitational will not be allowed to participate in 2020. On the contrary, the top five placings of the $ 100.000 Shoot Out finals will be guaranteed a spot in the 2020 Million Dollar Invitational. Participation in the Shoot Out is open for all riders.

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