Welcome at WRS Nieuws: The most recent news in you pocket!

WRS Nieuws represents Western Riding Sport Nieuws. The App ‘WRS Nieuws’ has been developed for I-phone, Android and Tablet. Wherever on the world people are situated, they will always have access to the most recent news concerning western sports. The use of this App is for free.

WRS Nieuws reaches an enormous number of people all over the world. The application is dynamic with daily updates. Therefore it is a very effective communication tool and a very interesting medium for entrepreneurs to bring their message to the outside world.

We offer you a very attractive and competitively priced deal: your banner or message in the margins of the App in combination with publication on our website 2 for the price of 1!

You can find the rates and size specifications here.
No banner? No worries! We have the skills to design one for you. Ask for the conditions.
Please contact José Troullioud if you have any questions or need more information,
dialing (+31)(0) 655 102 275 or drop a mail to

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